Mar 4, 2008

Pike Place Market

CrabI think my favorite thing about Seattle is Pike Place Market. I could spend every Saturday there and be happy (especially if I have my camera!). We decided to hang out there this weekend, which was exciting since we the last time we went was back in October (these pictures are from both visits).

There was this cool band playing - The Tallboys. They are a bluegrass band and were extremely good.

I could spend all day drooling over the gorgeous produce there!
If it only it were easier to go to - I would but almost all of my groceries there (especially as you can't find half that stuff in the horrible grocery stores).

DahliaAnd in the Autumn - the flowers are amazing (these pictures are from October). More pretty cabbage

This trip to the market we discovered some cool shops on the lower levels that we had never explored before, including a cool old-timey magic shop and a very overpriced thrift store. And there is always lots of good people watching.
CreepyThis guy kicked A**

Get the Clam StripsWe ate at a Lowells - a very old restaurant with a gorgeous view of Pugent Sound. Cory had steamed clams and was horrified at the discovery that these come in the shell (I tried to warn him!).

I always say it, but I need to go more. We decided we definitely need to go down there and pick up some stuff for an amazing meal (crawfish boil in the spring?).

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