May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my birthday. I usually get a long weekend and nice weather so my birthday has always been the celebration that kicked off my summer. There have been some birthdays were I felt anxiety about my age, or questioned my life.

But not anymore. This year, I am celebrating ME. I am happy with my life, with who I am. I am comfortable with where I am in my life. For maybe the first time ever in my life, I am confident in myself, comfortable in my own skin and optimistic about my life. I am happy to be 28 (bring on 30!). I am happy to be alive.

And I am determined to never again let any person or any organization or anything tell me who I am or what I am or what I should be doing with my life or what I should weigh or how I should dress or how I should feel or what I should look like. I have been held back for most of my life. No longer. no more promise no more sorrow no longer will i follow can anybody hear me? I just want to be ME. Today I am ME and I think that is a good thing!


  1. Good for you, and Happy Birthday!

  2. Wow, Julie, that is so inspirational, can I copy that and forward it in an email? j/k That is such a great attitude to have and I will try to remember that next year when I turn 29! Hope you had a fun bday!

  3. Thanks you guys! I did have fun Jen, we went to a beach park here in Seattle with all my work friends and had a picnic/bonfire. It was a good time.

  4. good! sounds like a really fun birthday!