May 11, 2008

Mom Rocks

My mom has always been obsessed with planes and flying. We always teased her because there would be this little spec in the sky and she would tell us what kind of plane it was. I remember when I was a little kid in Bartlesville, Oklahoma my mom took flying lessons. Then we moved overseas. Then I remember when I was in High School in Houston my mom took flying lessons again. And we moved...again. But, she didn't give up. Just a couple weeks ago, after like 20 years of trying and being forced to quit, my mom finally fulfilled her dream and got her pilots license. Thanks Mom, for teaching all your daughters to never give up on ourselves!! Happy Mothers Day!

Photos Courtesy of Jenny Randle, who also rocks.


  1. Hey Julie! Long time! Love your blog. . . and I love all your pictures. I'm glad you could take a trip down memory lane with your first kiss :).

  2. so cute and amazing. when are you going to post pics of jenny already?

  3. that is so cool! good for your mom!