Jul 29, 2008

"People of the World - Look at Berlin"

I wish I could say I have taken a lot of photos since I have been here, but sadly I really haven't had a chance (moving in and all that). But, I have done a bit of exploring (mostly because of the Obama speech) so here are a few photos. Things are quieting down a tad so I will hopefully be able to go exploring more (despite the fact that I might be working after all, more on that to come as well!).


To the German People (Reichstag)

This is The Reichstag Building, one of the coolest buildings in Germany with some of the most interesting history (seriously click the link and read about it). You can take tours inside but I haven't done that yet The second picture is of the famous phrase "to the German People" which was added during the first world war. This building, along with the Chancellor building (right across the street but i don't have any pictures) are located at the Tiergarten (like Central Park or a much larger National Mall), along with the Brandenburg Gate and this:


The Siegessäule, or Victory Column. A very interesting monument with some interesting history. The base of it is covered in bullet holes (something not unusual here in Berlin). In fact, the entire Tiergarten has some very cool history through many many wars. Here is a view of it from the top (which i climbed many many steep steps to get to and did I mention it was about 93 degrees outside??):

Tiergarten view from top of Siegessäule

This picture is facing down Straße des 17. Juni (commemorating a Berlin uprising in 1953) towards the Brandenburg gate and the east part of the city (where I live). The two halves of the city really are quite different, with the East being much more lively and interesting. The large tower in the distance is the TV tower and is a major Berlin landmark.


This is one of the main train stations by the Tiergarten (the other being Postdamer Platz), called Hauptbahnhoff. In fact, this is one of the biggest train stations I have ever seen, with a huge shopping mall inside.


  1. I LOVE your pictures, especially the one from up high of the city! It just makes me want to go there right now! I can't wait to visit you...just don't know when that will be...

  2. Thanks! Doesn't matter when you come, we will be ready :) I can't wait to have visitors to show around.