Sep 29, 2008

The Government works for the People?

Well, at least when there's only 5 weeks until elections, anyway. I had a post all ready about the current crisis (Ack! Panic! Its like Y2K, bird flu, and killer bees all at once!) and what a bad idea the bailout was. About how we would be paying Rudy Giuliani's firm to 'consult' on the crisis, but would be doing nothing to address home foreclosures, gas prices, affordable health insurance or job security for Americans. About how everyone criticized bailing out homeowners but are now willing to spend what amounts to like $300k per citizen to bailout corporations and their CEOs and their consulting firms and on and on.

But then the House went and defeated it. I think we should all write our reps (well, if they voted nay...) and say THANK YOU!** I am sure this isn't the last we will hear of bailouts, but defeating this ridiculous bill was a big step for our congress. Lets see if they keep this up past November 4.

Anyway, I wish I had some exciting photos to post or something but I have literally done nothing but work and unpack boxes and assemble Ikea furniture (%&*$A%!) (Cory actually got so mad at our bookshelf he put a whole in it with a hammer)(its good I have a sense of humour)(and yes it was quite funny) for the past week and half. I should have pics of our apartment soon - I just want to have something on the walls first! I should have done before and after pictures. Too bad. I don't know how long before another post - but we have visitors coming to town this week so I will get to play tourist. Look for lots of interesting posts soon!

**I think a lot of people must be (well, to say something anyway....), because the house website is going slooooow.


  1. Cool! I can't wait to see pics of your apartment! Who is coming to visit? How fun, I'm so jealous!

  2. How do you know more about politics in America than I do, and you dont even live here?!
    Have fun with the in-laws. Oh boy!