Sep 15, 2008

Its 1992, Do you know where your kids are?

They might be at the Metallica concert. I know I was this weekend.

Ok, so, NO, I am not a metal fan. At all. But the other day at work, everyone started to get really excited because for some reason the Metallica tickets were only 10 Euros. And, they were playing at the newly-built arena just across the Spree river from the Studio. In fact, this was to be the arena's inaugural event. 10 Euros for a Friday night sounds like a bargain to me. So me, Cory and most of the rest of the company went and saw Metallica. In line some reporters tried to interview us, only to realize none of us were Metallica fans. That was pretty awesome.

As you can see from this picture, I was pretty ambivalent. And maybe in a little pain.

Cory, on the other hand...well, lets just say the 12 year old fanboy really came out in him. He played some mean air guitar.

But Mark (one of our coworkers and good friends) really summed it up. Heres a video:

Most of the stuff they played I had never heard and it was really terrible. When they started playing started playing some of the old stuff I recognize ...I have to admit I kinda felt like I was 12 again. Braces and all. I almost wish I had a picture of me with my bad hair and pasty white skin. (oh wait...see above!)

In fact, the concert brought back some serious middle school memories. Most of which involved Chris (KRISTOFFER!) and Robert and the mayhem and destruction we reigned upon Tananger (the suburb of Stavanger, Norway that I lived in). Chris introduced me to Metallica (as well as all of the good music I ever liked growing up). Robert introduced me to vandalism. Between those two boys, I have some pretty awesome memories of the early ninties.

All in all, the concert was actually incredibly lame. Those dudes are ooooollllld. Like, its really pathetic give it up already old. And they totally blew the big intro. And when they played One it sounded like a cover of themselves and was totally off tempo. And the sound was mixed really bad and you couldn't even hear the lead guitar and isn't that the point of metal? I don't really like concerts in big venues and I don't really like metal, and now I remember why.

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  1. I can't wait till November to see Metallica in concert again! The Death Magnetic CD is sickly AWESOME! I have seen them 3 times previous (they don't always make it up here to Portland)...It sucked cause tickets sold out in minutes and when I got to the checkout to buy them I hit refresh cause it started at like 2 mins then went to 11 mins in wait time, etc...Anyways I missed out on them but got them from that tickets for face value site eSellOut anyways: ~ if anyone else needs tickets for the Rose Garden here in Portland (or I guess anywhere else for that matter) the site ROCKS!