Nov 9, 2008


Aren't they pretty? I think these are one of the most interesting fruits. They are also called Kaki's. Look for a Persimmon Cake recipe on my food blog soon!

**EDIT: persimmon cake FAIL! So, don't look for a recipe after all, back to the drawing board on that one! Yikes, it was like the most collossal cake failure ever I should have taken a picture...


  1. Hey Julie, looks like you're having fun in Berlin.

    That fruit looks like a tomato, which leads me to the question how is a tomato a fruit anyways! So if it tastes anything like a tomato I can understand why the cake didn't turn out. Imagine a tomato cake...nasty!

  2. Hi Carol!

    Actually, tomato cake...maybe...

    haha, no it tastes nothing like a tomato. In fact, its like nothing i have ever tasted. Persimmons are interesting you should try them if you can find them where you are.

  3. persimmons persimmons. They are mushy. I don't really like a mushy fruit. But think about this: making a persimmon BREAD. Like zuchinni bread or banana bread. It will be sweet like a cake but dense like a bread. It could work. PS. THanks for your comment, I laughed and cried and got that sick feeling in my stomach just remembering that poor kid we hit with the van. holy crow.