Dec 29, 2008

Christmas in the Middle East

I spent the past week in Oman visiting the inlaws for the holidays. It was beautiful! It was like 27 degrees (80s), not a cloud in the sky with all the delicious arabic food I could eat (mmm Schwarma...). Oman is a very clean and safe country, as well as fairly liberal as far as Muslim countries go. The people are also incredibly friendly. You can not meet anyone...even in the middle of nowhere, without out them inviting you to their home for coffee.

If you are wanting to visit or live in the middle east but were a little leery or wanted to skip the extravagance of Dubai - go to Oman! It really is an amazing place. Here are pictures from the trip - if your are interested you can see the rest on Flickr.


  1. Awesome pictures!!! I want copies! We loved hanging with you guys!

  2. Awesome! What a great experience!