Dec 11, 2008

The Chumpster

AKA: Churito Burrito, The Buddy, El Comandante, The Burrito, and Che.  He tries to make you think he is a big bad watchdog, but really he's afraid of everything.  He flew all the way from Seattle to Berlin, spending the night in New Jersey on the way. 

When he was one and half we found him on death row in Arizona and there was no way we were leaving without him.  He wouldn't come out from under the couch when he came home for a whole day, but I finally coaxed him to his food bowl.  He like spicy food, bananas, snuggling in lots of blankets and speaks fluent spanish.  He was abused before we found him, and doesn't trust people until he has met them 4 or 5 times...but once he knows you he likes to sit on your lap and give you hugs around your neck.

I think he is the best dog in the world.


  1. What a humanitarian you are! We had a dog much like yours...she was paranoid as well, abused by former owners. What's with that???
    Lewis and JJ have her dog from growing up-not many years left in her. They are getting a new dog from the Humane society when they get back from Christmas. It won't be soon enough for Lewis. He is so jazzed! He's like a little kid about it!
    Your dog is cute-is that a sweater?

  2. I think I just figured out the thing I thought was a it a leash holder so it doesn't choke the little dog?
    How did you end up getting the dog with you from the states--sent it by itself? (sorry couldn't remember if you mentioned whether the dog if the is male or female.

  3. Its a harness, just kind of a fancy one. The cheap ones from the regular pet stores he would chew off and they seemed really uncomfortable. I found the one he is wearing at one of those fru fru dog accessory stores in the galleria in houston and he loves it. Cory calls it his Sport Jacket. I should have bought a couple cause if we ever lose this one I don't know what we will do!

    I am SO glad they are adopting from the Humane society! I am HUGE fan of that organization they do amazing things.

  4. We had to hire a Pet Relocation company - they make sure you get all the right paperwork and they make sure he gets fed, watered, walked and kept in a climate controlled area when not on the plane. It was ridiculously expensive but it would be a nightmare trying to do it on our own...he is small enough to go in the cabin but he goes crazy if he is with us and not on our laps. We tried that once and he got out of his crate and made a big scene!!

  5. Hilarious and more hilarious. His sport coat is nice. I will go buy him another one if you need. LOL Any excuse to go to the Galleria!
    And I have to say that Che hates me. He wants to kill me. He stood on my lap and growled at me. WTF are you supposed to do in that situation? But I have to give him props for making it halfway across the world. My dog couldn't do it. I just recently got him to stop vomiting in the car on the way to the vet! He is also a rescue, the best kind of dog. Puppy farms should all be illegal. Are they?