Jan 6, 2009


It snowed, which was fun. Then it snowed some more. Then it got cold. And colder. And even colder. Tonight, its supposed to get down to something like minus five degrees Farenheit! I don't know if I have ever in my life been in temperatures that cold. No seriously.

I guess we are having the same weather as SIBERIA. Um, yeah...

This is how we spent Today

So we have been doing a whole lot of staying inside and snuggling the past few days. Because when we go outside we fall and seriously bruise our tail bones because the sidewalks are covered in ice...


  1. Wow, great pictures Julie! Makes me glad that I don't live in Montana anymore! (The coldest I remember was 30 below, but anything below 0 degrees is all the same to me--freezing cold!) Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Jen for all the nice comments :) Wow 30 below?? Thats unimaginable...maybe I shouldn't complain haha.

  3. Julie!!! How loonnggggg!!!
    It´s like we haven´t met since... FOREVER!! heehe
    U don´t know me and neither do I, but next semester I´ll study at TU-Berlin, so I found your blog and I wanna make friends over there!!
    Let´s talk!!
    Please add me on the following MSN:


  4. HI guys. YES it is cold in Siberia! We are on the edge of it but not really in Siberia. You need to buy some yaktraks. Really!!! They are great!! They go on the bottoms of your shoe so you don't fall. I fell in Dec. (didn't have them on-ugh--and did serious damage to my tail bone.)

    We have a friend's son on a mission in Berlin--such a small world. He is Elder Griggs. Keep an eye open for him. I aksed Mary for your address so if that if he gets to your area he could drop in and say hello. His family lived in Kingwood (maybe before he was born), it was before we moved there but we knew them in Louisiana.) It really is a small world. It's fun for the elders to see Americans. Our missionaries here are glad to be in our branch b/c there are four expats living here. We take them to lunch from time to time and go out shopping with them sometimes as well. It breaks up their week on P day.
    Well,keep taking the awesome pictures Julie! Both of our daughters-in-law got nice cameras for Christmas b/c they too like to take photographs. If/when I get back to the states I'd like to take a photography class or two! I think it would be a fun hobby!
    Your Christmas holidays sounded awesome. Most of our kids are meeting in Italy for a vacation this April, I hear you guys are planning to go to Egypt-it's fun traveling as a family! You are so lucky to live in Germany!!! And have Mary and Steve in Oman!!!
    I enjoy visiting your blog.

  5. Hey Dee - thanks for visiting my blog! In deed we really are enjoying living here and having the chance to travel.

    In the future if you want my address or other personal info, feel free to ask me for directly. However, I would really prefer you not give it to anyone without my permission - including missionaries- thanks!

  6. Julie,
    I didn't even think of getting your address from you, duh?!! Guess I wasn't thinking! So--I wrote to Mary and asked for your house address.
    I just thought it would be fun for our friend to meet someone we know. I have no idea if he has been there of if he got my note with your address-I just wrote and gave it to him and said we know someone in Berlin and that it was a small world! We have people pop in on us from time to time that have mutual acquaintances from our travels or places we have lived. We love it when we find a connection with people. I'll refrain from making the connection again or run it by you first or something. Sure didn't mean to bother you!