Mar 10, 2009

Hello, Nice to See You

Hi. You may have noticed I haven't been around in awhile. Well, I have been. I just haven't posted anything. This is mostly due to the fact that I could not edit any of my photos from my new 50d. See, I like to shoot in RAW, and the new Canons all are using .cr2 files - something my version of Photoshop (CS2) does and will not read. So, oh darn, I had to update to CS4 Extended version. I think I like it...alot...but I am going to have to install another couple of GB of RAM this weekend if I don't want my computer to burst into flames.

So, new camera requires new software, which requires new computer hardware. Awesome.

I have been playing lots with it though (I think I need to give 'it' a name...suggestions?) - here is one I took the other day while I was walking through my neighborhood enjoying the unseasonably warm temperatures (don't worry, those went away).

To me, this picture is so Berlin. I love how in Berlin (and much of Europe) it is so much easier and acceptable for bikes to be your primary transportation.

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