May 7, 2009

May Day

Wow. May Day in Berlin is CRAZY! I mean, everyone warned us its a little nuts, but really it exceeded my expectations.

The night before is a huge holiday in Germany as well - Walpurgisnacht. Boxhaganer Platz, just a few blocks from our house, was the sight of some of the major protests/parties here in Berlin and it got pretty crazy. At one point we counted 9 huge Police Vans go down the street, and I didn't get much sleep what with people breaking bottles on my window sill all night.

The next day we headed to Kreuzberg were the big festival was happening for May Day - and it was probably the biggest party just out in the streets I have ever seen. It was a blast!

I can't just choose one photo - here is a slideshow of the whole thing (yeah because after like 2 years of using it I just figured out you can do this with Flickr!):


  1. May Day is big here in Russia as well. We didn't have any demonstrations though!

  2. i grew up in Kreuzberg... Lindenstrasse.. i do miss the street festivals, not so much the demonstrations... but the street festivals. I moved from Kreuzberg to Neukoelln for a year, which isn't much of a change.. at least back then it wasn't... My family ended up moving to Steglitz where I had the best years of my time in Berlin... I miss Berlin.. i miss it for its wonderful history... but these days, whenever I travel back home, Berlin has changed so much and I find myself missing the old Berlin when I am walking the streets of Berlin today...