Jul 4, 2009

Liberty and Justice for All - Happy 4th!

Fireworks on the Fourth

Its been one year since I left the United States to start a life in Berlin. It has been a year full of surprises, challenges and adventure. Some days all I wanted to do was go back home, get a 44 oz Diet Dr. Pepper filled with ice, cruise the aisles of Target and be able to freely communicate with everyone around me. For the most part though, I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this amazing city and dreading the thought of ever having to leave it.

However, this time away has helped me appreciate some things about my home country that I'd taken for granted. Most importantly - the concept of Personal Liberty that is completely entrenched in the national psyche and influences so much of America's laws and policies. I never realized how much that concept influences the way we think, what we value and how we shape our day to day lives. I also value the rich diversity in the United States and believe this is the country's greatest strength. We are all different, working together to build a free society that is welcoming to all...and I love that, even if our efforts aren't perfect.

Liberty Bell

Happy 4th of July everyone!!


(now all you in the States...please go drink a COLD drink full of ICE for me and enjoy some good Mexican food or maybe some Brisket...mmmm brisket....)


  1. My dad just smoked some delicious brisket, sausage, pork and turkey for my bday. MMMmmm. When you get back stateside you should come over for the best BBQ of your life!

  2. Julie, I loved your post! And brisket always makes me think of you & Cory--I didn't even know what it was until I met you guys. We just had some about a week ago from Costco of all places...

  3. I can relate to your statements about freedom and the all encompassing feeling it has in our entire lives when we live in the US. Living in Russia has made me quite aware of many things I have taken for granted for years (like driving across country and never having to register!)
    So, a little late, but Happy Fourth Cory and Julie!
    Have you not been back to the states in that past year?

  4. Nic that is a serious amount of meat, sounds fun!

    Jen - awesome! Costco is actually where we used to get it too.

    Dee - Cory has been back a few times for work but I haven't been back at all. No plans to go in the next year either. Really, I am prefectly fine with that - I love here it more than anywhere I have ever lived. And Germany really is a very 'free' country. There are just some subtle philosophical differences from the US. Mostly all I ever miss about the states is the food, haha

  5. You know..i can very much relate. However, i have done your journey the other way around. I left Berlin to live in the United States and I come to appreciate your country soooo much over the years. I have studied your history... Anyone who studied the history of Berlin (not Germany in general, but just Berlin) knows that Berlin has a beautiful (if at times harsh) and rich history. But, what makes your history so remarkable, even if it is such "young" history, is that it is built by the people. It is strange to say, but being here makes me feel free, even though i never felt imprisoned in Berlin, if that makes any sense to you. I was born and raised in Berlin... and I sooooo love my home city... but I don't want to live there anymore... i want to appreciate it as a tourist... weird to say, I know... I am glad you have fallen in love with my Berlin ;-)