Aug 6, 2009

I left my heart in Rome


What an amazing much history, so much much good food! I almost died I loved the food so much. Don't even get me started on the Gelato and Granita...and let me tell you, a lemon Granita is about the perfect thing when its 105 degrees outside and you have just finished your bajillionth walking tour. Oh my, how I loved Rome.

I finally got my computer and internet up and running in my new flat today so it won't be long before I have more photos to share with you. It will be hard to focus on that though when I am so busy trying to figure out how soon I can get back to Italy while enjoying the gorgeous Berlin summer on my new Roof Terrace.

La Dolce Vida, no?

(actually....not entirely! Plenty of posts to come soon on the not-so-fun aspects of moving, being an immigrant and traveling...but lets focus on the postive for now mmmkay? )

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  1. Just starting to read your blog.
    And read all these great things 'bout my city make me proud and happy. :)