Aug 14, 2009

Roman Holiday

Rome is such a beautifully photogenic place...full of bright colored buildings with shuttered windows and flower boxes, winding cobblestone streets, lively Plazas with stunning fountains, and architecture, art, and ancient ruins everywhere you look. The city feels more alive then anywhere I think I have ever visited.

I could have spent the entire time photographing the Tiber river that runs through the center of the city. The bridges spanning it are all adorned with sculptures, adorable light posts, and bricked arches that match the ancient architecture of the city.

Trevi Fountain

The ancient sites and architecture are truly spectacular. It is so amazing to learn about the ancient history and civilization as you walk through the sites themselves. Cory loved seeing the buildings up close that he had studied and used for reference so often.

And of course, the art at the Vatican. Gazing up at Michelangelo's work in the Sistine Chapel, seeing the enormous collection of marble sculpture, and the giant frescoes by Raphael was a special experience. I actually wasn't even that excited about visiting the Vatican beforehand - but the art there just absolutely takes your breath away (even if it is sometimes hard to see amidst the massive crowds that are shuffling through the narrow corridors).

The Dome on St.Peters

No trip to Rome could possibly be complete without visiting a few of its staggering amount of cathedrals and crypts. The sheer size of St.Peters, the intricacy of some of the alters, the mind-blowing age of some of the buildings - and of course some of the totally bizarre and disturbing crypts (the last picture is of one in particular where they bury - and display - monks).

Speghetti al Grecia

Of course the highlight for me was the food and Gelato. I have been cooking nothing but Italian food since I left! The best ice cream I have ever had in my life is the last photo - from a place near the Trevi Fountain called San Crispino. Try the Meringue.


  1. Julie, seeing your pictures of Rome just made my hear ache! I love Rome! Italy is my favorite country--the one I dreamed to see and the one that, when I finally got to see it, didn't let me down It exceeded my expectations. I am so glad for you that you got to spend time there, even though I must admit, I am also totally jealous! (By the way, it's Jen Valko, but it says Kelly cuz I'm at my mom's)

  2. First: is that gorgeous girl Jenny? What the what.
    Second: your photography never ceases to amaze me Third: i wish i could go back there, i didn't get enough time

  3. jen! I know it exceeded my expectations too. I mean, wow, Rome just totally took me by surprise. I loved it.

    Nic - ha, yes its Jenny :) She is starting her sophmore year! she will be freaking DRIVING in february. It kills me. And thank you thank you. If you ever want to get back there (or anywhere) I am always looking for a traveling pal :)

  4. Where are all the pictures of people?? Your photography is beautiful, but I want to see my family...