Sep 6, 2009


Summer, don't leave...

French Lentil Soup

...Summer is sadly slipping away....

(Soup recipe can be found HERE on my food blog)


  1. Those two pictures capture the feeling perfectly!

  2. (Although I haven't quite experienced cold weather and hot soup just yet, thankfully)

  3. Well, luckily the weather is back to normal sunny skies but I was worried there for a couple of days. Its too early for the gloomy weather!

  4. Your soup looks so delicious. I WISH Dan liked lentils!
    Love your pictures as usual.

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  6. Oh my, does that bring back memories... colder weather and lentils... never was a big fan of that, but it sure brings back some warm and comfy memories... When I grew up, we still had the real winters in Berlin.. snow every day... and when the dark set in around 4 p.m. we would find ourselves out and about with our sleds on the little man-made hill and would abuse the snow, ice, and metal for hours... oh the memories...