Sep 29, 2009

The View

the view

Watching the evening sky really never gets boring.

And guess what? I started an Etsy store! Ok, so I started it a couple of weeks ago but I am just starting to get it running smoothly. If you are unfamiliar Etsy is an online marketplace where artists and crafters can sell their wares. I much prefer it to some of the other sites I have tried for selling images online. I hope to expand my selection soon, and even get some cool products up there in time for Christmas in addition to just prints. I added a link on the sidebar or you can check it out by going here:

We have had some insanely beautiful days lately, with just a hint that autumn has arrived. On Sunday we went and walked around Tiergarten and enjoyed the perfect temperatures and sunny skies. On Monday it was cold and cloudy, I am glad we got out and enjoyed it.

Autumn's Arrival

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  1. beautiful.. just beautiful.. i very much like the picture of the ducks.. very nice ;-) thanks for sharing ;-)