Nov 9, 2009

20 Years Ago

I thought this was an especially interesting video of that night 20 years ago. Hard to believe I was 9 and living in a small town in Oklahoma and now I call this amazing city home and those crazy East Berliners my friends.

My camera and I are leaving now to go photograph all the celebrations around the city today. I just wish it was better weather! Look for photos and such soon :)


  1. I remember that day very well.. i was right there, standing right before the wall when everybody went crazy and started to hammer away at the wall... I am from W-Berlin and grew up with that wall... That night, friends and I were out and about until we heard this big buzz going on about a huge party at Brandenburger Tor (well, not quite at the monument, as we from the west had no direct access to it).. Anyway, we all stormed over there and the rest is 20 year old history ;-)

  2. Thats so cool Liane, thanks for sharing :)

  3. I came to your site b/c I figured you would have some good photos. I can hardly wait, I will check back soon. I've been anticipating this anniversary b/c of the news. (and thinking how lucky you are to be there right now)
    I cannot imagine the feeling of freedom after so many years of control and separation. (the video was very moving!) I don't think I appreciate freedom as much as those walking from East to West Berlin but living in Russia keeps my eyes open. I feel like I need to be careful how I put this (I don't know what is monitored here) I am grateful for our freedoms. It is easy to take things for granted...

  4. Hi Dee...I know I cannot imagine what it must have felt like to cross that border but that video gets me all choked up :) I do feel incredibly lucky to live in this amazing city! It was really rainy tonight so I didn't get a ton of pictures, but I got enough :) Hopefully I will post them soon.