Apr 28, 2010

{{Inspired}} Sunday Morning Breakfast

I love breakfast. It has absolutely become my favorite part of the day. I blogged about my discovery of "the most important meal of the day" on my food blog - and I am not exaggerating when I say discovering breakfast has changed my life.

But lately, breakfast time is more than just a meal - its my inspiration. Its a quiet Sunday morning, a little bit hungover. My husband puts on some good music, I put on the coffee and together me make a warm and filling breakfast. Its the highlight of my week, one of the few times we get to spend a few quiet moments together talking and laughing and just enjoying the moment with no stress from work or life getting in the way.

Every single day I find myself wanting to photograph breakfast time - and this week on Etsy I found plenty of items to add to my inspiration. And that I want to add to my kitchen.

(No seriously. Someone buy them for me. If I don't get that sugar/creamer/syrup set i might cry. and the orange mugs. and the lotus bowls. and the blue frying pan. and most definitely I must have the adorable mushroom kettle, I mean look at it! and the picture and the breakfast print...I have a breakfast nook that is just dying to have these on the wall. please? anyone? )

To see all these items, click on the picture which will take you to Etsy where you can click on each one individually.

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