Jun 29, 2010

Christoper Street Day Parade in Berlin

A week or so ago I got to go watch Berlin's Gay Pride Parade.  The city has a long and interesting history regarding the acceptance and treatment of GLBT people (I encourage to read about 1920s Berlin and its Cabaret culture, and the subsequent well-known persecution of Gays under Hitler) - but  it certainly is open and accepting now (one of the many many reasons I love Berlin!).  The cities mayor is openly gay and so every year the Pride celebration (called "Christoper Street Day" here) is quite the event that is heavily supported by the city.   There were tons of floats bringing attention to important issues - the treatment of Gays in Iran, by the Catholic church, speaking up for adoption and marriage rights, and then of course some floats just for fun - celebrating the Drag culture, advertising Sex Toy shops and handing out condoms :)   I had SO much fun at the parade (it helps if you like Lady Gaga haha) and thought I would share a couple of photos.  

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