Oct 13, 2010

What's New?

I've been scrambling to keep up with everything lately, feeling slightly short of energy.  One of those things being neglected is this poor 'ol blog. 

But today, I am super excited  to share with you whats new in my Etsy store:  Canvas! 

I have wanted to sell Canvas Gallery Wraps on my store since I opened it -  I have several hanging in my house and I think they are just a great looking way to hang art.   I have had trouble, though, finding an affordable option in Germany.  Printers in Berlin are prohibitively expensive so I have been struggling getting my shop off the ground in the way I want.  However I finally found a solution and am super excited to be getting things rolling.

Look for lots of new listings in the coming days!


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  2. I keep checking your blog for new pics, and news...good luck Julie!

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  4. Wow, really good nature-pictures!

  5. Hey, just stopping by to say hello! I'm moving back to Germany with my husband and our two year old. He plays pro hockey. Found you thought the expat site while searching for other bloggers in Germany!