Mar 5, 2008

San Francisco

Yeah, I biked across that bridge. Which is especially impressive since it was on an empty stomach and after having not exercised in a year and a half (what? I've been busy...). A couple weekends ago me and Cory met his family in San Francisco (which explains why we biked across the bridge - no way would we have ever decided to do that!) . I think SF might be my favorite city in the U.S. This was only my second time going there even though Cory grew up in the Bay area - last time it was rainy, but this time it was absolutely beautiful (and WARM - especially while climbing steep hills on a bike in jeans and a sweater!). This trip was short, but when I got back to Seattle it was magically sunny and nice there too, so that made it easier. Cory stayed the rest of the week at the Game Developers Conference doing pitches to publishers for his game, and hanging out in Berkeley and Calistoga. I'm jealous. I did get to do a few photoshoots while I was there though, so I am happy:

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