Mar 6, 2008


This morning when I woke up, the sun was shining. Its hard to explain to those who live in normal places. But, I haven't felt this amazing feeling of sheer unfettered joy since I lived in Norway. You know, that feeling on that first morning of sun after six straight months of, quite literally, pure darkness. Its the one morning, when you go outside to the catch the bus like any other morning - and, what? What is that bright spot of glorious color reaching over the horizon? And what is that beautiful sound? Birds? It makes you want to weep.

Today, its like that in Seattle. More beautiful than you could possibly imagine. It reminds of why I love the Northwest. Tall evergreens reaching up into a completely pure blue sky, birds chirping, a perfect 65 degrees. Soft, cool, green grass and sparkling blue water - and what is that? Could that really be...blossoms!!



I have every window in the house open, my favorite song playing (um, thank you Pandora for magically knowing my favorite song ever) - and I have never been happier. I love the SUN!!!

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