Aug 19, 2008

Friedrichshain Flea Market

*If you are looking for info on the Flea Market- it takes place every Sunday in Boxhanganer Platz in Friedrichshain, one block of east of Simon-Dach Strasse. HERE is a map. Enjoy!

So, anyone who knows me knows how I love the vintage. Flea Markets and Second-hand shops are something I just can't get enough of. So, imagine my excitement at realizing the park by our house hosts one of Berlin's best Flea Markets every Sunday. It is amazing! This area of Berlin is home to a lot of artists, hippies, punks, and people who choose to live 'off the grid'. This makes for a really vibrant and varied flea market full of amazing art, old artifacts from around World War II that Americans like me find fascinating, crazy antiques and unusual objects, and good old junk. I love it! Here are some pictures from my stroll through this past Sunday:

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