Aug 24, 2008


Being in a new city (ahem, new country, for that matter) you would think stagnation would be impossible. But alas right now I am in The Waiting Place. Waiting for my stuff to arrive (I mean really, its only 30 boxes!!), waiting to get phone and internet service, waiting for my washing machine I ordered a month ago to be delivered, waiting to be able to afford a more professional camera (without being able to earn a paycheck), waiting for artistic inspiration, waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting....

Its really easy to fall into a somewhat of a funk. At the very least, its hard not to succumb to soul-crushing boredom. But, I have made updates to this blog (as you can see, what do you think?) and to my website. I am learning lots of fun new things in Photoshop (finally I am figuring stuff out!). And I have read a lot of books I have been wanting to read for ages (if you have never read Slaughterhouse Five, please go to your library immediately. I am planning a trip to Dresden as we, type...)

Its been sorta rainy and hazy and icky lately, so I have been occupying my time with some of my old images. Giving them some pop. Here is some of what I have been passing the time with (I am kinda obsessed with green right now...I even bought a bright green couch...)

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