Aug 28, 2008

Take a Little Trip with Me...

I have been a little (lot) longwinded lately. So, here is a photo essay of Friedrichshain, beginning with my front door and ending with the last remaining part of the Berlin Wall, now the East Side Gallery:

(sorry if the pictures appear on your screen a little jumbled. I wish I knew how to manipulate layout a bit better on here....)
1. My Front Door & My Ubahn (subway) Station
2. &3. Some of my neighbors
4. Some recycling bins, these are all over
5. Boxhanger Platz, where they have the flea market on Sundays
6. Our pal Jorg and his dog Spock
7. Some tables outside at Simon Dach, the main drag
8&9.. A bike and a Scooter - the primary modes of transport other than walking
10&11.. Some examples of the local street art
12. Pretty much sums up Friedrichshain
13.Warschauer Strasse Train Station
14. Warschauer Strasse Ubahn Station - with a local punk/squatter counting his change he has collected
15. Oberbaumbrucke(bridge) - was one of the main checkpoints between east & west Berlin
16. A few shots of the East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall).

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