Aug 26, 2008

inspiration explored

Lately I have been doing lots of exploration, both physical and metaphysical. I have been trying to determine who I am as an artist and as a human being. In my exploration I have been perusing lots of blogs and websites and flickr photostreams of amazing photographer/designers, who coincidently all happen to be from the Pacific Northwest I just left behind. Pity I didn't discover them sooner.

Anywhoo, these photographers/designers/amazing artists/skinny/hip/fashionable/everything I am not people (....deeep breath....yikes. People seem so confident. Are you all really that confident??) have been providing me with endless sources of inspiration. I will probably be sharing more about them in days/weeks to come. This blog has been keeping me especially busy today. I know I will be dusting off my Polaroid camera as soon as it arrives with my shipment.

I have also been exploring Berlin and finding all kinds of inspiration - not just for my photography, but to design my new apartment. I am NOT a designer of any kind. At.All. Let me just emphasize that. Zero design skills. Zilch. But, one of the natural outcomes of selling almost all your possessions and moving to Berlin is having a new apartment and nothing to put in it. So, I have been trying my hand at some interior design and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Me and Cory found this chaise lounge in one of the many antique/second-hand shops here in Friedrichshain and are completely in love with it (as is our dog who growled at me when I tried to move him for this picture). In the second picture you can see our lovely narrow room. It seemed weird at first, but now its my favorite room in the apartment. I can't wait until our shipment gets here so we can put some stuff on the sad white walls...

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