Nov 25, 2008

Weekend in Bavaria

Seehotel Schwalten

Our Hotel


Good food and drink

Black Forest Chocolate Cake

Black Forest Cake

Kartoffel Suppe

Some of the best Kartoffel Suppe (potato soup) I have ever had


  1. I love Germany and Bavaria. You two are so lucky to get to experience this! I hope you go on quick trips a lot b/c there is so much to see at your fingertips!

  2. Amazing pictures:) I visited the Royal Castle this summer. It was so beautiful.

  3. This trip looks amazing, and if you have spent some time away from Berlin it really makes it feel like home to go back. I just discovered your blog and it is always good to read about people making themselves at home in a new place, especially one as fantastic as berlim.

    I lived there back in 2001/2002 and can't wait to move back with my boyfriend in summer 2009.