Dec 3, 2008


That is the year my dad graduated from HS. I have always been kind of jealous. Hunter S. Thompson summed up that time in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas:

"We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark -- the place where the wave finally broke and rolled back."

Cat Stevens is echoing through our little flat right now. Before that, it was Grateful Dead. My wet Converse Chuck Taylor's are sitting by the door, and Cory's 1971 German Army Parka is hanging above them. We have spent the past week watching Godfather I & II (It really is as good as people say). Arguably one of the best Basketball teams in history is the 1971 Lakers (Wilt, The Logo, Elgin Baylor, an NBA title, and a win record that held for 25 years). As I have talked about numerous times, we recently parted with a much beloved 1973 Volkswagon Vanagon (which a delightful Swiss couple drove to Alaska). I think we may have been born in the wrong decade.

I have mentioned our Lovely Narrow room before - well we are finally starting to get our flat all put together and thought I would give you a little update. Cory plays the guitar so we decided to turn it into a little 1970 guitar heaven. It is starting to come together, here is a pic: (sorry for the grainy dark photos, I have no flash...Santa, are you listening??)

I love it! I think the little chandelier makes a big difference. We are probably still going to paint the walls and frame the posters, but at it looks good in the meantime.Those of you familiar with Cory's guitar collection may notice the absense of a certain electric guitar on the wall, this is because he likes to keep it sheathed when not being played.

Here is a zoom in on the posters, which are of 4 of our favorites (well, they ARE Cory's four favorites...)(non-interesting fact - our 'first dance' at our wedding was to Thank You by Led Zeppelin).

Sorry for the distortion, its a really tight space so I have to use a super wide angle. Anyhoo, from Top Left Clockwise: Led Zeppelin The Song Remains the Same movie poster; Jimi Hendrix live in Stuttgart, Germany January 15, 1969 concert poster; Grateful Dead and The Kinks free concert at Wesleyan University in 1970 (hello??! Why don't things like this happen in MY lifetime??); Pink Floyd The Wall movie poster.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have our whole flat together (only took six months...). Of course, that all depends on the Ikea delivery man showing up. He is supposed to be here today between 3 PM and 10 PM (isn't that lovely?) and as I write it is 9:10 PM and still no delivery (**edit: it arrivede at exactly 9:52 PM yippee!).


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