Feb 20, 2009

Death Becomes Her

Hello! I am alive!

Or rather, I am currently waking from a two week fever-induced hibernation. Its been a bad scene around my place, what with both of suffering from accute Bronchitis (and the various complications arising from the nasty bug) the house has felt a bit like death warmed over. At one point I was sure if I coughed one more time my eyeballs (which felt like they were already pushed to their absolute limits, I looked like one of those googly-eyed chihuahuas) would pop right out of my skull. I am starting to make my way out of the piles of discarded tissue, fever-soaked t-shirts and orange juice- crusted glasses though. My poor neglected dog is very glad to have his humans back. Now if I could only hear him when he is in the other room nosing through the trash, but my ears are still full of infection (either that or someone really was shoving a screwdriver into my eardrum) and I can't hear a damned thing.

I really hate being sick, but I really really really LOVE antibiotics and ibuprofen.

I'll be back and posting soon!


  1. Julie, how horrible! Glad you guys are doing better now.

  2. It's amazing to me that this sickness seems to hit in different parts of the world at the same time. We have been lucky (so far) but it has been going around here like wild fire! Glad you are doing much better! At least you had a little dog to keep you company during the day! So cute!!!

  3. oooh, that sounds bad. it sucks being sick in a foreign land. BUT, Germany seems to be pretty well up to date (ha). antibiotics and drugs. ah, great combo.