Feb 9, 2009

Rise Against at Columbia Halle

Saturday night I got to see Rise Against for the second time. They put on a great show - they are pretty intense and really paced out their set so that the crowd didn't die of exhaustion. Pictures were a little tricky seeing as the entire room was one giant mosh pit, so there is just the one.

I did not like the venue very much at all. It was just a little too big, the acoustics were not good at all, the security staff were really mean, and the little narrow hallway/stairwell to the Garderobe (coat check) was horrible. Trying to retrieve your coat at the end of the show was a little scary. That being said, you have a decent view of the stage no matter where you stand and they keep the air flowing good so that it doesn't get too claustrophobic in the center of the crowd. Just try to avoid standing near the bar or you will constantly have people pushing past you.

Also, one of the problems with Rise Against is they have gotten so popular that you get all the idiots at their shows. Like very fat drunk dudes who like to take their shirts off and bulldoze through the crowd (and give Cory sweaty bear hugs).

Still though - I personally love Rise Against and they sound amazing live. They had an incredible energy at this show and didn't lose the crowd even when they did an acoustic set (have you ever seen an acoustic set at a punk show? me neither - but most of my favorite bands have done acoustic tracks. I would love to hear Bad Religion do an acoustic set)

Here have a listen....the second track is one of the acoustics they played at the show and it was pretty powerful live.

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