Apr 20, 2009

Enchanting Egypt

Whew! I have finally made it through my nearly one-thousand images from the trip! Following are the highlights, if you'd like to see the whole set go HERE.

Sharm el-Sheikh

Karnak Temple

Enchanting Egypt

Eye of Horus

Sunset on the River Nile


  1. Julie, everytime I see your photos all I can think is "wow!" Beautiful!

  2. Man, Julie why are your pictures so much better than mine? It must be the camera! (just kidding) I am missing you and Cory. We had such a great time there in Egypt. Your pictures bring back some wonderful memories. Love you! Mom Davis

  3. WOW. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Amazing.
    Did you know that National Geographic is having a photo contest? 6 categories of nature, weather, culture etc. First prize gets their image published in NG and a trip for 2 to the Galapagos. DO IT!

  4. No, seriously. I could see any one of these on the pages of NG. PS: Any post processing? The sky is breathtaking.

  5. Wow thanks Nic! I am going to try and enter, but I don't think I will be eligible cause I live outside the US.

    Post Processing - I do a little tweaking to every photo to bring out the color and brightness etc - mostly I mess with the levels. I don't do any crazy voodoo stuff though, just the same type of stuff you would do in a darkroom.

    Ma Davis - we had an awesome time too! And I don't know, your pics are pretty good. Thanks for all the ridiculous ones of me on your blog though, we all could have done without those.

    Jen - thank you!! You guys sure gave me a self esteem boost today :)