Apr 16, 2009


So, while my trip to Egypt was amazing, for the most part the food there wasn't - which surprised me. There was one exception though - Kosheri. I had never heard of this wonderful little dish, but it is practically the national dish of Egypt. Our tour guide said the place to go for the best Kosheri in Cairo is Abou Tarek - and while I didn't really get to compare it to anywhere else, I can't possibly imagine how it could get any better.

Kosheri at Abou Tarek in Cairo

Kosheri consists of pasta (macaroni and vermicilli), rice, and lentils.

At Abou Tarek, they bring you the fried onions, Tomato sauce, chickpeas and lemon on the side for you to mix in.

The best part though, is their hot sauce (mix it into the tomato sauce then combine with the rest) and this amazing lemony-vinegar sauce that just sent it over the top into delicious. I couldn't get enough and I don't know what I will do if I can't duplicate the recipe. I might have to go back to Cairo soon!

I have lots more pictures I would love to show you, but the editing process has been painstakingly slow, and is currently occupying ALL of my time. I will give you a day by day recap just as soon as I get it all finished - I am currently working my way through day 3....

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