Oct 28, 2009


Where they Roam

Under the Big Top

Wasted Youth

Last week I got to go explore an abandoned Amusement Park. It was a place I had been dying to get into ever since I moved to Berlin, and wish I could go back to many times (unfortunately you have to pay the security guards to get in). It was awesome to explore, but also a bit sad. Like a quickly abandoned childhood, overgrown with the dust and weeds of adult troubles. The whole place just seemed like a picture of lost innocence. It seemed almost like a metaphor for Berlin itself.

Word has it the place shut down because the owners were using the rides to smuggle cocaine (they would get 'repaired' in Peru and come back full of it), though I think it was already bankrupt at that point. Now they are sitting in jail and their security staff is charging photographers and film makers to use the place. While we were there they were setting up to film the next day - some vampire movie. I think its the perfect location for it.

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  1. Wow julie, interesting stuff-those were trippy pictures. . .a little beautiful and a little creepy. Sad that it had to close down.

  2. When I saw the pictures of the abandoned amusement park the first thing I thought about was it would be a great place to shoot a movie (of course your previous blog entry about scary movies must have influenced my thought process). Cool photos (again!)

  3. Nice pictures! Do you have an adress of the park. Perhaps I would like to go there too :)