Oct 23, 2009

Autumn love

Embers Never Fade

Floating on the Leaves

Begin Again

I love this time of year. Once I get over the loss of summer I love Autumn wholeheartedly. There are so many good things to eat, such beautiful colors on the trees, cool crisp autumn air....oh wait, except in Berlin we skipped that part and went straight to freezing bitter cold winter air. Its the coldest October ever on record here. Lets hope that is not a trend that stays with us during the winter.

I feel like I talk about the weather alot...I guess its just a big part of life, especially when you are not in the protection of a vehicle as you make your way about town. It really sucks when its cold and raining and you need to be somewhere and actually need to still look nice when you arrive. I love not having a car. LOVE IT. Really, I do. But - it really makes you more concerned with the weather.

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  1. The Acorns are SO beautiful. I live in Hong Kong now and really miss seeing the changing leaves. I used to spend Autumns up in Vermont....Enjoy & keep up the good work!

  2. The turning of the leaves into brilliant fall colors is a favorite of mine. I just got back from Kyoto Japan and missed the colors by a few weeks, boo hoo.
    Sapporo had beautiful trees though so since I fly through there it wasn't a total loss on the changing of the seasons.
    You would love Kyoto--you and your camera!!!!
    Loved your leaves!
    I hope you don't continue to have record cold days through out winter! Are you going to the states anytime soon?

  3. Thanks bethebutterfly!

    And Dee...I would SO love to go to Kyoto! It is my dream to visit all of Japan, hopefully someday soon :) I am going to Cali in December - my first time back since we moved away. I am excited to hit the beach.

  4. absolutely stunning photos ..... I have not seen autumn leaves like that for years!