Oct 18, 2009


Le Tour Eiffel

A few weeks ago my camera and I got to get away for a few days and go explore Paris. I was there for almost 3 days and couldn't seem to pry myself away from the Eiffel Tower. I loved photographing it from almost every angle at every time of day.

I was loving all the adorable carousels as well...they seem to be everywhere and are so colorful and play this adorable french children's music.

While Paris wasn't my favorite city I have visited in Europe (that would be Rome, and of course Berlin!) I found it very inspiring artistically. Everything there is just so....stylish, and pretty and classic. The people, the architecture, the food - it all looks gorgeous. Really, I have never been anywhere where even just the people commuting on the metro look like they were dressed by the fashion editor from Vogue, every bakery's window looked like it was dressed for the cover of Gourmet, and all the architecture made me feel like I was in a moody and mysterious Film Noir classic.


  1. Awwwh... I want to go there! I would like to go (and you can call me romantic, of course) with whoever ends with me. It's a trip that I'm saving for the future.

    Beautiful pictures Julie. Love the last one specially. ;)

  2. Hey Bax! you are such a sappy romantic...and Paris is definitely a good place for that :)

    thanks so much!!

  3. Those are beautiful pictures Julie!!!!! What a wonderful place to live and eat and shop. Lucky you!

  4. I love the cloud picture of the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful!