Feb 9, 2010

Where have I been?!

The past few months seem like they have gone by in about 1 nanosecond. I left for a long trip to the United States on December 15 (my first trip home in the year and half I have lived in Germany) and got sick pretty much the day I was supposed to come home. After long flights and a long recovery from a nasty virus and lots and lots of snow in Berlin, I am finally coming up for air.

Before I got sick though, that trip in beautiful and sunny Southern California was awesome. I got to take advantage of the exchange rate and do some shopping, eat all the fish tacos I could, drive around in my parents convertible, and even spend some time on the beach. The weather was positively dreamy and I soaked up all of the sun's warm rays that I could, hoping that they would carry me through the winter (January still almost killed me with the lack of sun and ridiculously cold temperatures in Berlin).

I also got to play with my camera quite a bit - including making my cute 15 year old (almost 16! woohoo!) sister and her BFF model for me while I got a bit of much needed practice with my speedlite. We had so much fun taking the photos and enjoying the sun (they even took me out to an awesome Hawaiian cafe after where I got to indulge in some kalua pig and mac salad....mmmm hawaiian food....).

It was a lovely trip that made me miss Berlin terribly while also wanting to move back to SoCal. That is the problem of moving around so much - you never quite feel planted and always find yourself missing someplace else, no matter where you are.


  1. Yay Julie! So glad you got to visit! Those are really great pictures! Do you have any more? Your little sister looks so grown up, I can't believe she's going to be 16! And loved your last comment because I feel the same way--my whole life I have never lived in a place for more than 2 years until now (we just made a world-record 3 year mark last week) and it's so true, home is everywhere and yet nowhere.

  2. Hey Jen! I know, I have never lived anywhere longer than 2 years either. We will hit the 2 year mark in July here in Berlin, with no plans of leaving. I can't even believe I might live here longer than I have lived anywhere (and yet still don't speak German..sigh..). (I guess I was in Hawaii the longest - but since I went home for summers and left for awhile for India, I don't really count it as consecutive)

  3. How fun for you to go back to the states. The pictures are good-I love how the water looks behind the beautiful girls. I can't believe your sis is going to be 16.
    Sorry you had to be sick in and around your trip...

  4. i can't believe she is almost 16!!!! i remember her when she was the CUTEST 2 year old ever. holy smokes. i feel old. heh.

    great pics. looks so warm and inviting there.