Mar 17, 2010

{{ Inspired }}

So, I have been seriously neglecting this blog lately. In large part, its because I have been spending an enormous amount of time on Etsy - and not tending to my own shop - but instead rooting around finding all kinds of things I decide I really really must have. I have at least 200 hundred necklaces favorited and I can't decide which one to buy first because I want them all.

I have become obsessed with making Treasuries - if you aren't familiar with Treasury's on Etsy you need to become so. They are So.Much.FUN. Basically, you get to curate your own collection of items to whatever theme or inspiration you want. I am completely addicted. Its like my own version of an Inspiration board.

Above is my latest, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. There is something about Alice that really appeals to my sense of imagination and nostalgia - and for weeks I kept coming across items and works that reminded me of that story. I love all the soft and dreamy neutral tones mixed with the periwinkle blue.

Here are links to all of the items above:
top row: Susannah Tucker; Persophene Vintage; Lolas Room
row 2: InGodsHands; LittleChickDesigns; Jenkiabaphotography
row 3: captaineeep; eunonymous; ThatOldBlueHouse2
row 4: MjLeonard; Morgana Femme Couture; faitavec

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