Apr 16, 2010


I haven't listed new items in quite awhile on Etsy. I have endless projects that I am constantly working on but it seems like I fall into these lulls in creativity and am constantly having to jump through hoops to get myself out of. I get frustrated to the point where I don't even want to touch my camera anymore. Which is a long way of saying I haven't done anything I have loved in quite some time.

But there is nothing like a trip to the South of France to get the creativity flowing. Hey it worked for Matisse and Picasso, why not me?

I am pretty excited for these newest items - they are images that I really like (for now - I am soooo fickle about my own work). They represent so much of what is really moving me at the moment - nostalgia, possibility, romance and every conceivable shade of blue (hmmmm shall we call this my "blue period"?)(har).

You can click on the images themselves to go the listings on Etsy :)


  1. very nice! Julie, how is it there with the whole volacno eruption? I kept meaning to ask...

  2. Jen we haven't really been affected by it other than flights being canceled (luckily we haven't had to go anywhere). But the ash itself hasn't made it to our area or anything.

  3. you are so lucky to be able to be in such beautiful places!!!