Apr 12, 2010

Côte d'Azur

For almost a year now, I have been preoccupied with Provence. I have been obsessed with the food and flavors of the region - fresh goat cheese & olives, roasted lamb, scallops, sardines, fresh herbs, Rosé, and of course truffles. I feel like this past year I have been discovering what so many foodies already have - that Provence might just be heaven on earth.

Even though we live (relatively) close to there - it seemed like some exotic, far away place that I would probably never visit until I was old and rich (ha!). Yet somehow, as we tried to find a place to go for a last minute save-our-sanity getaway over the Easter holiday (a trip that would probably be Cory's only break from work for the year), we found ourselves booking plane tickets to Nice.

I'm not gonna lie. It was everything I ever dreamed of. It was a beautiful blue water, delicious local wines, Tapinade from Nicois olives on fresh croutons (um yes please for every meal thank you), and the warmest, friendliest people like, ever.

Le Fleur

I completely fell in love. The trip was just what we needed to sooth our haggard souls after a long, stern winter in Berlin (which doesn't exactly bring out the best in people). Fresh air, a slower pace, good food and stellar service everywhere we went. Its amazing what seeing smiling faces can do for you. Its no wonder the French Riviera has been the escape of artists, poets, and royalty for centuries. Lucky for us, its just as enjoyable for regular folk too :)

(if you are one of the like three people who cares, you can see more photos on Flickr)


  1. Julie, I love looking at your blog. It is so relaxing! I loved your pics on flickr--especially the food! Amazing! I noticed the picture you took of your Orangina drink--my favorite when we were in Europe! There's a restaurant downtown that we go to that sells them in the bottle. We went to Nice almost 7 years ago (how sad that it's been that long) and it looked exactly the same then as it did now in your pictures--that pretty blue water and sunny, blue skies--ah, how nice it must be to live in Europe!

  2. How fun to go to Nice (I avoided saying nice to go to Nice). It must have been a great break. We are still getting snow here. I am ready for spring. I went to Tokyo last week, cherry blossom season, to come home to a snow storm...ugh.
    I love the photo of the woman with the flowers. LOVE her expression!
    I love people shots!!
    It's fun how you can focus in on things and it blurs out the surroundings. Great photos, as always...