Feb 1, 2009

Ruth Jacobi Exhibition at the Jewish Museum

I finally went to the Jewish Museum here in Berlin. Its an excellent museum. I was surprised by the intense security - guards out front and everything you bring in has to go through the xray.

Daniel Libeskind is the architect and the building itself is one of the most interesting parts of the museum. It is a collection of weird angles - including the floor itself that is quite unsettling. Light comes in at strange angles and there are empty voids and gardens that evoke strong feelings when you stand in them. There are a lot of areas in Berlin where you can learn about Holocaust victims - I found this one especially interesting because of the personal nature of it. There are small exhibits lining the slanted, angular axis of personal items of people who both fell victim to the extermination and escaped it through emigration.

It was definitely one of the best museums I have visited so far in Berlin (a close second to the German History Museum on Museum Island). I want to go back with a good camera (I was lazy that day and didn't bring mine...something I have been doing a lot lately, not sure what my problem is)

The special exhibit was the highlight for me though - famed Jewish photograph Ruth Jacobi. I absolutely love her work...especially her series on the east side of New York during the 1920's.

Here are a few grainy photos taken with my horrible horrible Point and shoot (seriously, I HATE that camera). The last is the "Fallen Leaves" exhibit by artist Menashe Kadishman, representing all those who died. Like I said, I need to go back to this place with my other camera!

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