Sep 4, 2008

Introducing: Behind the Skillet

Ok, remember a few posts back where I said I had made a new food blog and was so nice to link you to it and everything? Well, that was on Wordpress, and guess what? I hate Wordpress. It sucked. So I decided to move it back over to Blogger and now it is up and looking perty. Don't take my word for it - go check it out! I have also included a link on the sidebar for your convenience. I am always thinking of you.

Sadly I still don't have any dishes with which to cook. I will try and keep you posted on what I am eating, just don't judge me by the fat content of my food, but by the content of my character. shipment from the States (which consists almost entirely of kitchen stuff and photography stuff and a few guitars) should have arrived on Germany's shores yesterday. Yes, 8 weeks after it shipped (which was almost a full week after they picked it up. Obviously they aren't in a hurry). Now it has to clear customs (assuming it did arrive in port today which no one bothered to tell me) and drive to Berlin. I am reeeeaaalllly looking forward to being able to cook. Its hard for me to believe I haven't cooked anything in three months (which is how long my stuff has been in boxes). I wonder if I will remember how.

There is even more exciting news today...I got my washing machine! Yay! If you didn't know, we ordered this washing machine almost a month and a half ago. Today, it was finally installed. Yay for not dragging laundry on the subway anymore!! Here is a picture, which I thought you would enjoy because, yes indeed, my washing machine is in my kitchen.


  1. ugh, I can't imagine dragging laundry through the metro!
    I bet you are loving your washing machine.
    I think it is wonderful you are there in Germany! Are you working Julie? It sounded like you are but I may be confused. We can't work here in Russia unless someone will sponser you and that gets pretty tricky.

  2. Yeah it was no fun -and yes, I am definitely loving my washing machine.

    I am working - its fairly easy to do so in Germany, at least for Americans. I am being sponsered though, by the company I am working for.